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about us

The vision for Iconix was first born when second generation builder Jim Warren, Jr. graduated with a degree in Architecture. He was fresh from college and rich in ambition and decided to start J R Warren, INC., a general contractor business with dedication to quality, consideration of customer needs, and an overall higher level of building. J R Warren Inc became a staple because of their innovative approach to every day building projects, and for their dedication to respect and honesty in their endeavors. From J R Warren general contractors Iconix Metal Works was born.

When approaching a new project Iconix will always take a few major aspects into account:
● Customer specifications, budget and ideas.
● Highest quality, most cost effective parts.
● The most precise, efficient workmanship.

Just one way that Iconix works to provide the best service is with their completely free one hour consultation about any project. Call today to book an appointment.