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Iconix Metal Works has provided precision sheet metal design and fabrication services for over a decade. We are large enough to offer advanced technical skills, yet small enough to deliver personal attention while maintaining the flexibility needed to complete your project on time and to specification.

Below is an overview of our services. While the scope of our offering is not unlike many of our competitors, we differentiate by adhering to a business philosophy we call the “Iconic Metal Art.” Our team of experienced associates is committed to providing high quality, precision design, creation and fabrication of complete products and parts, reliably, consistently and efficiently. We value working collaboratively with our customers and build long term relationships whereby we are seen as a strategic partner.

Our capabilities include advanced design services utilizing AutoCAD and Inventor platforms. Which allows us to fabricate Iconic Metal Art from stainless steel, aluminum, steel, brass, copper, galvanized, exotic metals, glass, plastics and wood. While tolerances of +/- 0.010″ are achievable, typical customer requirements fall within +/- 0.030″.

Please Contact Us to discuss your fabrication requirements and obtain a complementary quote.